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Waldo's Driftwood Resort

Owner: Bill Muter | Views: 557

3150 Ocean Drive
Vero Beach, FL 32963
ph. 772.231.0550
Logo of Waldo's Driftwood Resort

The Driftwood Inn was originally a private beach house called the “Breezeway” by the owners because of the opening in the central portion of the first floor. Construction of the house began in about 1935 and was completed in 1937. Two rooms originally flanked the first floor. A kitchen was located on the second floor, over the breezeway. A balcony extended across the second floor. Brick chimneys also flanked the breezeway. According to family members, a coiled pipe “solar unit” was contained within the chimneys to provide heated water.

The original beach house was expanded in 1937 by the additions of a wing on the north, and the south wing was added in 1939. The original portion of the building is now the central section.

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