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Jazz Near You is a simple yet powerful way to discover who is playing where and when. Access local jazz events from our website, our app, our weekly email, our widget, our RSS feed, our on demand page, or All About Jazz.

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Jazz Near You is your complete guide to jazz music near you. It's also a free opportunity for musicians and businesses to list events while giving fans an opportunity to retrieve them from the web, their email and their phone.

  • Alert fans to events across platforms and devices;
  • Provide a free event listing service for musicians, venues, festivals, and presenters;
  • Drive ticket sales;
  • Drive foot traffic to events;
  • Help travelers find events in out-of-town cities;
  • Push event information to other websites and blogs through widget and feed technology;
  • Cultivate active jazz communities to support local scenes;
  • Offer affordable advertising opportunities to promote events.

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Jazz Near You is a tremendous service for presenters... it puts 'cheeks in the seats'.

View Suzanne Cloud profile Suzanne Cloud (presenter)

Jazz Near You saves me time. I add my events in one place and they are picked up everywhere.

View Anton Schwartz profile Anton Schwartz (musician)

There's nothing like Jazz Near You. Thank you for this invaluable service to all jazz musicians!

View Tony Miceli profile Tony Miceli (musician)

Date Event Venue Time Tickets
May14Sat Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet Rose and Alfred Miniaci...
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8:00 PM
Jun11Sat Steve Turre Sextet Rose and Alfred Miniaci...
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8:00 PM
May11Wed Giacomo Gates & Gold Coast Jazz... Amaturo Theater, Broward Center...
Fort Lauderdale, FL
7:45 PM
Jun5Sun Greg Little Timucua Arts Foundation
Orlando, FL
7:30 pm
May21Sat Leon Foster Thomas South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts...
Cutler Bay, FL
8:30 pm
Dec27Tue James Varnado The Gator Club
Sarasota, FL
9:30 pm
May22Sun Sunshine Jazz Concert Series Presents... Miami Shores Country Club
Miami Shores, FL
6:00 PM
Date Event Venue Time Tickets
May13Fri Giacomo Gates Ball & Chain
Miami, FL
6:00 PM
May12Thu Giacomo Gates Ball & Chain
Miami, FL
6:00 PM
Date Event Venue Time Tickets
Jun19Sun Tizer Quartet featuring Karen Briggs Jazz-By-the-Bay
Panama City, FL
2:00 PM
May6Fri Oriente Normandy Fountain
Miami Beach, FL
6:00 PM
May28Sat James Varnado NeXXLevel @ Off The Wagon
Venice, FL
8:00 pm
May27Fri James Varnado NexxLevel Band @ World of Beer
Sarasota, FL
8:00 pm
May21Sat James Varnado NeXXLevel Band @ TT's Tiki Bar
Punta Gorda, FL
7:00 pm
May20Fri James Varnado NeXXLevel Band @ Servanado's
Sarasota, FL
8:00 pm
May14Sat James Varnado NexxLevel @ Aces Lounge
Bradenton, FL
9:00 pm
Date Event Venue Time Tickets
May4Wed James Varnado JV Jazz Band @ Pride of Jamaica
Sarasota, FL
4:00 pm
May5Thu Gary Starling Group Featuring Russell... Table 1
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
7:30 PM
May5Thu Nick Tannura Quartet Ball & Chain
Miami, FL
6:00 PM
May5Thu Deborah Opie Quartet Valenti's Allegro Bistro
Venice, FL
6:00 PM
May5Thu The Marc Vee Trio The Bay House
Naples, FL
6:30 PM
May5Thu James Varnado NeXXLevel Band @ Sky Restaurant
Fort Myers Beach, FL
8:00 pm
May6Fri First Friday Jazz Jam Artserve
Ft Lauderdale, FL
7:30 PM

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